Legacy LTS Program (age 4+)

At Legacy we have learnt that every child is ready to work with a coach alone in the water at their own pace, therefore children will move into our pre-school Seals program only when they are ready. If a 4yr child lacks water confidence and is fearful, we will often bring parents back into the pool for a short period of time, likewise if a 3yr old child is very confident and has achieved confident mobility without the aid of a parent they will be moved into our Seals program and are not required to stay in parent and child classes.

We teach our Seals in groups of 4 and the class timing is 30 minutes. By learning to swim in a small group children also have the chance to develop important social skills like communication, sharing and learning to take turns.


Seals 1 – Children have little or no water experience. Children in this level are gaining water confidence and are learning to rely on their own buoyancy

Seals 2 – Children can float front and back unassisted and have moved onto propulsion. They will learn propulsion through perfecting kicking technique and pull strokes. At this level children are also introduced to basic breath control

Seals 3 – Children have gained basic breath control and can propel front and back. They are moving onto recognised stroke swimming and mastering arm and leg movement together along with the correct breathing

Seals 4 – Children can demonstrate the basics of freestyle and backstroke. They will be moving onto the technical freestyle to include correct side breathing and technical backstroke. They may be introduced to dolphin kicking

Octopus (class size 4) – Children can demonstrate technical freestyle and backstroke and are introduced to dolphin kick. Stoke positioning should be consistent

Goldfish (Class size 5) – Successfully working on technical aspects of all 4 strokes and starting to achieve distance

Angelfish (Class size 5) – Technical correction of all 4 strokes / diving and introduction of tumble turns

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